About Cancellation Policy

About Cancellation/Refund Policy

Please read the refund policy before continuing.

To avoid mistakes, we strongly suggest you to verify all the filled information before completing application.

If you found any invalid details in the data you have submitted to us, let us know IMMEDIATELY by email.

a. NO REFUND will be made in these cases:

  • Your eVisa Application is already processed your application.
  • Your eVisa acknowledgement email contains invalid details caused by your mistakes.
  • You are not travelling to Country.
  • You are not allowed by Country Immigration Checkpoint.

In such a condition we have not yet processed your visa, we might be able to refund you. We are under no obligation to do this, but this will depend on whether we have occured expenses yet. For this, it is imperative for you to let us know as soon as possible after your payment that you want to cancel your order. However, if we refund you (partially or completely), this is as a courtesy to you. Again, we are under no obligation to do this. We reserve the right to not provide a refund.

b. You will get a FULL REFUND if:

  • Your application has been declined by Country eVisa Department.

c. You will receive a PART REFUND if:

  • You are intended travel to a affected area which do not allow tourists and visitors at that instances.
  • You are traveling to a natural disaster or affected area which is issued by the world media, and are therefore unable to travel.

All the paid fees will be fully refundable refunded to you by the way you had paid us. The refund process may take about 15-20 working days. For cancellation or refund request, please email to us.